3Dimensional's low pressure dies parts have a high dimensional accuracy and surface quality and are ideal for 200-1,000 castings of large volume parts, however for medium sized castings we would recommend gravity dies.

The mould filling properties of low pressure die casting make it suitable for thin-wall, large surface parts. Low-pressure die casting produces a very fine grained and dense structure with attractive mechanical properties due to the controlled, low turbulence form filling process and the fast hardening of the aluminium melt in the metal permanent mould.

Low pressure dies are commonly used for producing cylinder heads, cover, alloy wheels and foundry equipment such as valve body patterns, pump body patterns, cylinder head patterns, transmission case, yoke body and manifolds along with Low pressure 3Dimensional produce a wide range of gravity dies. Our years of experience within this industry ensure that the metal parts of the dies are of superior durability and that the components function smoothly. We maintain the highest quality standards by acquiring high grade raw materials. Producing a final product that is both superior in quality and performance.

Gravity dies are ideally suited for the production of small to medium quantity runs, they are produced in aluminium and zinc based alloys up to a weight of approximately 20kg.

We are able to offer a number of different solutions to any project and we are able to meet each requirement and specification that our client may have.